The Mail Force Charity receives a substantial donation of £500,000 from Barclays UK.

The Mail Force Charity has received a substantial donation of £500,000 from Barclays UK to support the Computers for Kids campaign to help school children get online.

The total raised in cash and computers by the Mail Force Charity now stands at over £11.4 million.

Matt Hammerstein, Chief Executive of Barclays UK, said: ‘Whilst the return to classrooms will be hugely beneficial for our children, the digital divide exposed over the last year will not disappear as schools revert to face-to-face learning. Campaigns such as this remain vital. We are proud to be supporting Mail Force.’

The first batch of Mail Force laptop deliveries went to schools across the country last week. Over 5,000 computers were shipped to more than 100 towns and villages. 

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