Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are you using Virgin Money Giving for donations?

Virgin Money Giving is a trusted and secure donation platform. It does not charge any platform fees, except for an optional fee to cover the transaction process that donors can choose to cover. This ensures that 100% of the donation goes to the Charity.

Where will the computers come from?

Laptops donated by companies will be fully wiped and recommissioned by Computacenter – a global IT supplier which is already procuring computers for UK schools – to make them fit and safe for home schooling. In addition, Mail Force are looking to support the needs of children and young people in other ways such as buying brand new laptops and tablets, and assisting with data access and connectivity for online learning. The initiative will add extra laptops – there will be no double-counting.

How will the computers get to the right children?

The Department for Education prioritises those who need the laptops most, calculated by using a school’s number of children on free meals or pupil premium (funding for disadvantaged youngsters). The laptops are then sent to schools for head teachers to allocate to families they consider the neediest.

What will happen with the remaining money after enough laptops have been supplied?

If we raise more money than is needed to provide laptops for children and young people and to support childrens’ and young people’s other needs with online learning, such as data access and connectivity, the surplus funds may also be used to support the work of UK schools in other ways.

What are the minimum requirements for corporate laptops?

Companies with 50 or more laptops to offer should go to to check they are suitable and register the donation.

Can I donate my personal laptop?

Unfortunately not. But there are several local initiatives around the country where this is possible.

What is the relationship between DMGT and Mail Force?

The charity has been established, and is heavily supported, by Daily Mail & General Trust Plc (DMGT) and its associated businesses. However, the charity has a separate board, which includes independent trustees. While DMGT appoints these trustees, the trustees decide how the charity operates and what it does.

Can I make a donation by Cheque?

Yes you can. Make your cheque payable to Mail Force Charity and address it to Mail Force Charity, 42 Phoenix Court, Hawkins Road, Colchester, CO2 8JY. Plus, if you would like to boost your donation by 25p of Gift Aid for every £1 you donate, you can either fill in and cut out the Gift Aid form inside the Daily Mail newspaper, or download here, and add this to your envelope.

Why am I being charged a standard rate message on top of my text donations?

The mobile phone network charge you for every text you sent to the 5 digit code. The cost varies depending on which network you are on (usually between 8p and 12p). With each network charging a slightly different amount it is not practical to list all the costs so we use the term “Standard Network Rate” to cover the cost of the text in. Check with your mobile network if you want to know exactly what that cost will be.

What other charges are involved in text donations?

The only other cost is the Standard Network Rate cost (as mentioned above) of sending the text to initiate the donation. 100% of the donation goes to Mail Force.

Why will there be fees deducted from my phone line donation?

The payment processing platform charges a fee for making any debit or credit card payments. This fee varies depending on whether you use American Express (2.9% + 20p) or another credit/debit card (1.4% + 20p). If you opt in to Gift Aid, these fees and other small administrative costs will be more than covered. No VAT will be charged on your donation.

Will you use my mobile number to send me unwanted messages?

No, we will only use your number to charge for the donation.

Who do I contact if I have a question about the charity?

Please contact if you have any questions about the charity.