Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are you using Virgin Money Giving for donations?

Virgin Money Giving is a trusted and secure donation platform. It does not charge any platform fees, except for an optional fee to cover the transaction process that donors can choose to cover. This ensures that 100% of the donation goes to the Charity.

Where in the UK is the PPE going to, and who is distributing it?

Some PPE is being delivered directly to the NHS via a NHS distribution centre. The NHS works out where need is greatest and takes decisions on how best to distribute the equipment based on need. Some PPE is delivered to our charity partners, the Salvation Army and Mencap, who then distribute it to their care homes and connected charitable organisations. Some PPE is also being delivered directly to care homes and other charitable organisations though our editorial team. We intend that all four nations of the UK will benefit from our efforts.

Why are you sourcing some items from China?

We are sourcing PPE from various locations across the world based on where it is readily available. We ensure that this equipment is certified and are building relationships with reliable suppliers. The majority of our PPE is now provided by UK suppliers, and most of our aprons and visors are produced here in the UK. In addition, all PPE is tested in-house by the NHS to ensure it is fit for purpose, whether sourced from the UK or overseas.

Are masks going to be provided to care homes and hospices as well as frontline NHS workers?

The main aim of the charity is to supply the NHS and enable the NHS to distribute according to greatest need. However, through our partnerships with the Salvation Army and Mencap, PPE is being provided to care homes and charitable organisations across the UK. These charities are working with us to provide PPE where the need is greatest.

What is the relationship between DMGT and Mail Force?

The Charity has been established, and is heavily supported, by DMGT and its associated businesses. However, the Charity has a separate Board of Trustees. While DMGT appoints these Trustees, the Trustees decide how the Charity operates and what it does.

What will happen with the money remaining after the COVID-19 pandemic?

If we raise more money than is needed for vital COVID-19 equipment, we will apply all funds to support the work of the NHS and our partner charities in other ways.

Why am I being charged a standard rate message on top of my £10 text donations?

The mobile phone network charge you for every text you sent to the 5 digit code. The cost varies depending on which network you are on (usually between 8p and 12p). With each network charging a slightly different amount it is not practical to list all the costs so we use the term “Standard Network Rate” to cover the cost of the text in. Check with your mobile network if you want to know exactly what that cost will be.

What other charges are involved in text donations?

The only other cost is the Standard Network Rate cost of sending the text to initiate the donation. 100% of the donation goes to Mail Force and all monies received by Mail Force are being spent on sourcing, purchasing and distributing PPE.

Will you use my mobile number to send me unwanted messages?

No. We will only use your number to charge for the donation. No data will be held.

Who do I contact if I have a question about the charity?

Please contact if you have any questions about the charity.