Help us to provide much needed money to charities giving aid including shelter, clothes, and food to refugees who need it most.

Mail Force Charity

It is the bleakest humanitarian crisis in Europe this century, with an estimated seven million Ukrainians likely to flee the horror.

Mail Force is raising money to help provide aid, including shelter, food and medical support for desperate families who have abandoned their homes with little but what they can carry.

Donations will help aid organisations that are already on the ground and providing desperately needed support.

Mail Force is a registered charity which was initially set up during the pandemic to help get personal protective equipment (PPE) to NHS and care workers.

Subsequently, it responded to the crisis of online learning helping lockdown schoolchildren to overcome the digital divide with new laptops.

Now it is raising money for people fleeing the war in Ukraine and who desperately need help.

Any surplus funds will be used to support refugees from Putin’s war via other means.