The Mail Force Charity raises a combined total of £25 million in cash and equipment.

Mail Force Charity, which was formed at the very start of the Covid-19 pandemic, has surpassed all expectations by raising a total of £25 million in cash and equipment.

During the first months of the pandemic, £12 million was raised to buy PPE and over 42 million pieces of personal protective equipment were delivered across the care and charity sectors.

This year, Mail Force Charity has teamed up with IT experts, Computacenter, to help reprocess thousands of used laptops. 

The latest response has raised over £13 million in cash and equipment, and Mail Force Charity can now supplement the supply of recycled machines with a considerable number of new ones.

This week, the Mail Force Charity has been delivering more laptops and SIM cards to help thousands of vulnerable schoolchildren. 

Mail Force Charity is now one of the country’s top fundraisers. The leading sector analyst, Charity Financials, produces an annual report of more than 160,000 charities with Mail Force Charity now ranking inside the UK’s top 100.

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